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Canadian customer placed an order for automatic capping machine,single lid tightening machine and also blister packing machine

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YQ MACHINERY is a leading manufacturer of packing machines including filling machinery,capping machinery, labeling equipment and also packaing system. we serves a variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

Our packing system meet your product and format needs to provide a custom capping and packaging solution that fits your specific application. it allow us to provide you with quality cap tightening machines and packaging machine.

This customer is from Canada and he made a purchase of several machines--automatic linear cap tightening machine,single head capper(for big diameter of jars),blister packaging machine.

Bank receipt:

bank receipt for capping machines,blister packing machine.png

Samples for bottle capping machines and blister packing machine:

bottle capper.jpgsamples for capping machine.jpg

Automatic Capping Machine:

This inline capper can be used for different sizes of bottles and jars.There is no need to change any spare parts.just only do a bit adjustment.The cap screwing machine can work with both plastic and glass material of bottles or jars.

This capping machine is mainly used for locking caps for bottles of daily chemicals, medicine, food industry, such as nozzle, pump head, spray pump and hand button spray gun and so on.

How to operate the linear lid screwing machine:

automatic capping machines.jpglid screwing machine.jpgcapper machine.jpglid capping amchine.jpg

Technical Parameter for this automatic bottle capping machine:                                                                      

Power supply

AC110V,220V   / 50Hz,60HZ


1500 W

Cap Diameter


Capping   speed


Suitable   bottle height


Air sauce   pressure


Net Weight


By the way,the client also bought a cap elevator for the inline capper:

cap elevator 1.jpgcap elevator.jpg

Single nozzle capper:

This is only one head lid tightening machine which can fit for different diameter of caps.And the capping head need to change if the diameter of caps are different.It is really easy to operate.The capping equipment is suitable for small capapcity production.

How to operate this one head lid capping machine:

automatic capping machine.jpg

Blister Packaging Machine:


1.The machine,DP-140 AL/PVC Automatic Blister Packing Machine is a new product designed for dosage rooms of hospitals, medium-size and small-size pharmaceutical plants, and health care product plants.

2.It has small size of body, easy operation and full purpose. Stroke can be adjustable, and long durability can be of much performance. It also passed the provincial science and technology appraisal, and has obtained the second prize of science and technology progress by rear-service of RLA.

3.It is widely used in aluminum plastic packing for medicines,foodstuffs,and electronic components.

You can check below video and see how to install and use this blister packaging equipment:

blister packing machine 6_副本.jpgblister packing machine 1_副本.jpgblister packing machine 2_副本.jpgblister packing machine 3_副本.jpgblister packing machine 4_副本.jpg

Main technical data for blister packing equipment:

Cutting   frequency (times/min)


Capacity   (strips/h)


Max   shaping areas and depth (mm)

130 x   100 x 26

Stroke   (mm)

50-120   (can be manufactured as user's requirements)

Standard   sheet (mm)

80 x 57   (can be manufactured as user's requirements)

Air   pressure (kW)


Total   power

380V/220V,   50Hz, 3.2kW

PVC hard   pieces (mm)

0.15-0.5   x 80

PTP   aluminum foils (mm)

0.02-0.035   x 80

Dialysis   paper (mm)

50-100g   x 80

Mould   cooling: tap water or back water

Overall   dimensions (mm)

1700 x 630   x 1050mm

Weight   (kg)



The automatic capper,single head tightening machine and also blister packing machinery were packed in wooden cases and sent to Shanghai port:

capping machine.jpginline capping machine.jpglid capping machine.jpgcap elevator .jpgcappers.jpgcapping machines.jpg

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