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Mauritius customer made a purchase of table top paste labeler machine.

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Mauritius customer made a purchase of table top paste labeler machine.


These 2 units semi automatic paste labeling machine was bought by our Mauritius customer.

The payment was made and then was finished.

wet glue bottle labeling machine

I. Basic use of table top labeling machine:

Semi-automatic paste labeling machine belongs to paste labeling machine. It is suitable for paste labeling of various round bottle objects. Paper separation, gluing, labeling and labeling are automatically completed, reducing manual labeling processes and improving labeling effectiveness. The glue is applied uniformly, with silky stripes, no wrinkles, and improve the packaging effect. It is especially suitable for small and medium batch labeling production, such as food and alcohol labeling. Can be used with packaging production lines


Product features of cold glue label applicator:

Simple operation, the simple operation of manually loading and unloading bottles can complete the entire labeling process.

Simple adjustment, especially suitable for small batch production, simple and fast switching of labeling and improving efficiency.

Save glue. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted according to needs. The glue is evenly distributed to prevent waste of glue.

The labeling standard is correct, the overlap of the head and tail of the label is high, and the label is positioned accurately on the bottle body.

High labeling quality, adjustable silky stripes, smooth labeling, no wrinkles, no warping, improve packaging effect.

High degree of automation, paper separation, paper feeding, gluing, labeling and labeling are completed automatically to improve labeling efficiency.

Simple cleaning, separate design of plastic tray, scraper, and coating wheel, easy and fast cleaning.

Safety, the transmission parts are built in, and the electrical side is placed to prevent water from splashing on the electrical parts, and the safety factor is higher.

Small structure, small footprint, easy to move and production layout.


Below is a video of semi automatic labeler for you to check:

Technical parameters of glue labeling machines:

Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm (excluding product and label errors)

Applicable product range: diameter φ30mm φ120mm, height 30mm 230mm

Applicable label range: width 40mm ~ 180mm, length 80mm ~ 200mm

Working voltage: 220V50Hz

Dimensions: L * W * H: 630 × 430 × 400mm

wet glue bottle labeling machine2

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