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Semi automatic sticker labeling machine with date printer was bought by one of our customer from Latvia

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YQ MACHINERY can offer a complete range of Labeler Machine, capable of meeting diverse labelling requirements. Our labeler tools find application in round, square,flat containers.We are your only true, long-term industry partner, our customized labeling solutions are as unique as your need. so whether you need a semi-automatic

labeling machine or a fully-automated label machine, we also have bottle unscrambler, filling and capping experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.

Here is bank receipt for semi automatic labeling machine with ribbon coding system:

bank receipt for semi auto labeler.png

Below is the video of semi automatic sticker labeler:

Technical Data for bottle label applicator:

Labeling precision



25-50 piece/minutes

The size of work-piece

10-150 mm in diameter

Tag width

8-150 mm

Tag length

15-315 mm

Power supply

220 V 50 HZ

The motor power

120 w

machine size

650 x 450 x 450 mm


25 kg

The bottle labeler was sent to our client by FEDEX:

semi automatic labeling machines.jpg

1.Manual labeling machine for round bottle high precision, tag, bumper place than + /-0.5 mm deviation;

2.The clever extrusion type device expected, the only problem is a, automatic completion of labeling;

3.The hustle type adjustment, different workpiece label switching simple,

4.The synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability greatly improve;

5.The manual labeling machine for round bottle is desktop type design, structure compact, appearance compact, powerful; 


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