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Singapore customer has made purchase of rotary packing machine,semi auto filler and mobile tanks

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One of our client from Singapore bought one rotary packing machine,semi auto filler and also eight 150L mobile tanks.

The model of rotary packing machine 250.


drawing 2_副本.png

doypack machine.jpg

Working Cycle:

1. Feeding Bag

2. Coding Date

3. Open Zipper

4. Open Bag (Open bag bottom)

5. Filling

6. Liquid filling

7. First Sealing (With close zipper device, if no need close zipper, only need loosen the screw of close zipper device.)

8. Second Sealing

Main technical parameters:

Packing Speed

10-30bags/min (Depended on the product and filling weight)

Bag Size

W: 140-250mm   L: 150-400mm

Filling Range


Total Power


Bag Types

All kinds of compound bags, such as flat bag, 3-side sealing bag,

4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, stand up bag etc…

Overall Dimensions


Below is video for your referencee:


Liquid Filling Machine


 rotary packing machine 2.jpg  


1.This valve can be used for filling paste and fluid products.The design is easy clean, no blind corner.

2. With counting device, machine can count the filling times automatically;                    

3. Material contact parts is made of 316 stainless steel, in line with the requirements of GMP standard;                               

4. Filling head use anti-drop device, which keep each filling action clean, and the filling head place and height is adjustable

5. Filling speed is quick, it can reach 30-50 times filling action per minute, take 500ml water for instance, filling accuracy is ±1% .   

  Bowl Elevator

doypack machine 1.jpg


Complete 304SUS building frame and bowl, driven by motor to feed the noodle dough from the scale to later equipment vertical form fill seal machine, bowl is easy installation and dismantle for clean purpose, controlled by signal from the weight filler, bowl position is under the weigh hopper, special design project for dough weighing and packaging.  


Features and Advantages:

- Customized bowl elevator Design & Build.

- SUS304 material

- Easy Bowl Installation & Clean

- Integrate with various packing line

- ODM design



Capacity of Transportation: 5-8 bowls per min

Frame Material: 304SUS

Bowl Volume: 30L

Dump Heigth: 2100mm (Customized)

Power Supply: 1.8KW, 380V/220V, 50HZ or 60HZ, 1Phase or 3Phase

Conveying Speed is adjustable as option

Driven by motor

Gross Weight: 250kg

Packing size: 1800*950*1200mm

Below is bank receipt of downpayment and the balance:


bank receipt.png

The client Andrew also bought 8 mobile tanks and semi automatic filler

tank.jpgtank 1.jpgtank 2.jpg

Semi automatic filler for spout pouch:

semi auto spout pouch filler.jpg

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