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Sri Lanka client made an order for round bottle labeling machine

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Sri Lanka client has seven sizes of jars which need to label.It is coconut oil bottle.
Please check following video of this labeler and see how it work:

Below is bank receipt:
Down payment:
Here  are pics of jars.The labeling machine can work with these 7 different sizes of jars.It only adjust the labeler and can reach the target.
bottle labeling machine bottle labeling machine 1
The label applicator has been finised and sent to Shanghai port.
round bottle labeling machine 2 ROUND BOTTLE LABELING MACHINE 3 round bottle labeling machine 5
The technical info is listed for your reference:

1.Easy operation, Easy printing. 
2.High accuracy,high quality and high speed 
3.Fixed point
Suitable for round objects. 
1). --Adopt imported electromagnetic clutch with best accuracy.
2). --The machine shell adopts high class stainlesss steel 304, with long life span service.
3). --Adopt famous factory electric motor to ensure high load and long period operation.
4). --All parts and standard components are carefully made of stainless steel.
5). --With PLC control panel, liquid crystal display, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is stable.
6). --Imported label inspection optical coupler can ensure high precision.
7). --There is a code printer on the machine if you need, it also can print three lines like the expire date, valid date, batch number 
The technical parameters  of the  Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine 
 Labeling Speed: 0-200 pcs/min
Applicable Labels: core diameter 76mm, outside diameter 300mm
Applicable Products: Diameter from 70mm-100mm, cylindrical products
Accuracy error: ±0.5mm
Voltage: 110V/220V  50/60HZ   250W
Weight: 220kg
Boundary Dimension: 2000mm×600mm×1400mm
1. Fix the label roll on the machine according to the graphical representation, adjust the height of each part.
2. Check if all the position of the labels are correct.
3. Adjust the distance between the two rails, make sure the distance is suitable for the product to pass.
4. Turn on the power switch, turn on the optoelectronic switch.
5. Turn on switch of the motor and label sending device, debug labeling, if there are any abnormal, get rid of them.
6. Adjust the labeling position.
7. Ensure the test is OK, then operating the machine normally.
8. Power off.

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