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USA Cosmetics Company Bought Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machines

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USA Cosmetics Company made an order for labeling machines.It include two automatic labelin machines,two semi automatic labeling machines and one conveyor and one bottle turntable.
They are used to label bottles and boxes.There are 13 types of samples so we make molds for labeling machine.
Below are videos of two fully automatic labeling machines(top surface labeler and round bottle labeling machine)and also semi automatic labeller:

Bnak receipt:
Below are samples for your referenc:
01 plane labeling machine_副本 01 side label(wrap around labeler)_副本 1.need to make mold to label bottom 2.wrap around labeler for bottle 3.sleeve labeling machine_副本 02 side label(wrap around labeler)_副本 02plane labeling machine_副本 03 side label(wrap around labeler)_副本 03 plane labeling machine_副本 04 side label(wrap around labeler)_副本 04 plane labeling machine_副本 03 side label(wrap around labeler)_副本
Molds for samples:
Automatic labeling machine are finished and here are pics for you:
plane labeling machine ROUND BOTTLE LABELING MACHINE
They were sent to shanghai port:
QQ图片20161211221503_副本 round bottle labeling machine QQ图片20161211221503_副本
Below are videos for you:
semi automatic one:

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