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horizontal cartoning machine was bought by Australian customer

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YQ MACHINER can offer cartoning machine which picks a single piece from stack of folded carton and erects it, fills with a product or bag of products or number of products horizontally through an open end and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive. Our box packaging machine include vertical cartoner and horizontal cartooning machinery.

This horizontal cartoner was purchase by one of our Australian customers.below is his boxes.And it was used to pack Makeup products such as essential oil,cream,lotion and so on.below is our customer’box.

 bottle cartoning machine

bottle cartoning machine

After payment,we started to produce the carton pack machine:

bottle cartoning machine

This bottle cartoning machine is a model developed and improved in YQ. It is a high-tech product integrating lectricity, gas and light. This cartoner is suitable for boxing and packaging of food, toys, cosmetics, electronics and daily necessities. This full-automatic cartoning machine integrates carton opening, loading, folding, spraying and sealing. It is suitable for multi-variety and multi-specific carton packaging machines. Can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment to form a complete production line. The entire frame and the parts in contact with the material are all made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, and the surface has been polished. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and it does not pollute the environment.

Feature of the carton packaging equipment

1. this box packaging machinery adopts PLC microcomputer full-automatic control, and the electrical components are all well-known international brands.

2. The operation system of the man-machine interface is used to automatically display the performance parameters such as the packing speed, quantity, and failure cause, and the operation and maintenance methods.

3. The self-lubricating system runs more smoothly.

4. The body is made of high quality stainless steel (304) and aluminum

5. Multiple specifications can be adjusted and used within the specified range of the same device. Through the dial adjustment, the humanized mechanical memory device can quickly and easily adjust the position of related devices to achieve adjustment and replacement of product size.

6. There is less alarm in the carton library and automatic shutdown.

7. The material conveys less material and does not feed, the carton does not open the box, the machine runs dry; the material enters the box and the machine stops.

8. Can be equipped with hot melt adhesive machine.

9, stable performance, simple and convenient operation.

10.This caroning machines can replace the workload of 8-20 workers

You can check the video and see how it work:

After testing,it was sent directly to our MEL port

bottle cartoning machine

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