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semi automatic labeling machine was bought by Australian customer

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YQ MACHINERY are leading suppliers of sticker adhesive labeling machine.we can apply several styles of labeling such as semi automatic label applicator machine and fully automatic labeler.


This labeler was bought by our Australian customers to label round container.below is a video-how to thread label:

The round bottle labeling machine is suitable for applying self-adhesive labels on the circumference and half circumference of various cylindrical objects. It is mainly used to solve the problems of difficult manual labeling, uneven labeling and slow speed, which can significantly improve the labeling quality and efficiency.

semi automatic labeling machine (1)   semi automatic labeling machine (2)


Application of sticker labeler

1. Applicable types: round bottles, cans, cylinders and other cylindrical stickers

2. Applicable products: common PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc.

3. Applicable label: non-transparent label

4. Application industries: cosmetics, beverages, food, electronics, toys, medicine, daily chemical and other industries

5. Application examples: canned bottles, tea cans, aerosol cans, red and white wine bottles, medicine bottles, cans, etc.


working principle of semi automatic bottle labeling machine”

Put the product into the card-type labeling position, manually operate the pressure lever, touch the jog switch, and the sensor recognizes the label to realize the bottle rotation and labeling action to complete the labeling

Operation process: turn on the machine load the entire roll of labels into the labeling machine (winding) adjust the components check whether it is operating normally manually put the product into the card-type labeling position manually press the operation lever the product rotates and Labeling labeling completed

semi automatic labeling machine (3)

semi automatic labeling machine (4)

semi automatic labeling machine (5)

Features of table top bottle label applicators

1. Wide range of application: It can meet the cylinder labeling of diameter range of 20-150mm. It can be used in one machine and can be used for bottles of various sizes with simple adjustment.

2. High labeling accuracy: the deviation between the head and the tail of the label is ± 1mm, and the sensitivity of the label's light eye can be adjusted. For the label paper of different transmittances, it can be used for identification comparison and sensitivity adjustment, and for labels with different lengths. Can be adjusted to ensure normal and smooth and accurate bidding

3. Use ingenious extrusion device for feeding, just put the workpiece and press down, and complete the labeling automatically.

4.Adopt card position adjustment, easy to switch the labeling of different workpieces

5.Using timing belt traction, the mechanical stability is greatly improved

6, streamlined structure, small size, powerful, can be placed on the desktop

7. The new equipment adopts large stainless steel plate. Most parts of the whole machine are stainless steel structure, which is clean, hygienic and corrosion resistant.

8, using high-quality optoelectronic components, high label detection sensitivity.


Technical Parameters of round bottle labeler.

Product name: Semi-automatic round bottle sticker labeling machine

Applicable objects: cylindrical bottles / cans or other cylindrical objects

Suitable products: diameter 20-150mm

Labeling speed: 20-40 bottles / minute

Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm

Roller width: Standard machine 17cm Widener 27cm

Label size: width 8-150mm, length 15-300mm (ultra-wide can be customized)

Label roll size: 76mm inner diameter, less than 300mm outer diameter

Power supply: 110V / 220V both in English and Chinese

Machine weight: 25KG

Package size: 660x370x530mm

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